Kazbek Orchestra was created in 1975. It has collected much of its musical impressions and inspirations from the music of Russian emigrants living in Stockholm during the 1930s and 1940s. Lately, its repertoir has come to contain complementary types of eastern european music, as well as arranged Russian folk music. Rehearsals normally take place every Thursday in home environments. With the conductor Bertil Runefelt the orchestra has given numerous concerts and performances, has occurred in mass media, in churches, at parties and feasts. Each year, a performance is given for the homeless. During the 1990s, Kazbek has participated in several balalajka festivals in Russia, mostly connected to international musical cruises on the Volga. Many countries have been visited. In Berwald Concert Hall, the orchestra in Jan 2002 arranged a great festival with 180 international balalajka musicians. In 2004, the Second International Balalajka Festival took place in the Old Musical Academy, Stockholm, with over 100 mainly Nordic and Russian musicians. In 2005, the orchestra made a tour on the isle of Gotland in eastern Sweden. In the summer of 2006, the Third Inter-national Balalajka Festival was arranged in Halsingland in northern Sweden. 

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